IJveer 60 and 61

Two ferries for GVB Amsterdam

"IJveer 60” and “IJveer 61" are Holland Shipyards' latest deliveries for GVB Amsterdam. With their distinct appearance and smooth lines the two ferries are a pleasant sight for sore eyes. Also, the design incorporates various elements specific to the Amsterdam school of architecture and design.

However, it is what's under the hood that really sets these ferries apart from their smaller sisters. The drive train and all other technical systems have been overhauled and modernized to make for a much greener means of transportation.

The IJveer 60-series stands out due to the following characteristics:

  • The ferries are fitted with a hybrid drivetrain, and are therefore much more energy efficient and 'greener' than prior IJveer series. With the battery pack, peek-loads are 'shaved', reducing load on the diesel-electric drive train, and reducing the need for installed power.
  • An exhaust gas treatment system has been installed, reducing emissions to far below upcoming IMO Tier III requirements.
  • The passenger carrying capacity is increased by lengthening the design by six meters.
  • Special consideration has been given to realize optimal passenger comfort and efficiency in passenger flow. This is best shown by the spacious waiting areas, automatic sliding doors and atomated ramp / boom system.
  • Fendering is provided all around the ferry to minimize damage to the ship's hull.

The "IJveer 60" and "IJveer 61" are designed with excellence in operations and safety as top priorities. Some notable features are: 

  • Viewlines from the bridge allow clear sight on deck and the (un)loading areas.
  • Symmetrical bridge design with ergonomically designed operator stations. 
  • With a linear propulsion setup (one thruster in the front and one in the aft) excellent manoeuverability can be achieved, allowing for very precise positioning of the ferry.
  • Optimum flow of water around the propellers allow for full capacity at any given time and operation.
  • The engine rooms and technical areas are designed to be easily accessible for staff and maintenance engineers.
  • All potential polluting systems are fitted inside the hull, insofar practical.
  • Where potential energy savings could be realized, these were applied. For example, LED-lighting was fitted as well as an excess-heat-recovery system.
  • The hybrid system has significantly reduced noise levels on board, increasing passenger comfort.   

The complete engineering and construction process took place within Holland Shipyards, safeguarding maximum control over quality and the building schedule. The technical systems have been developed with subcontractors that can boast intimite knowledge of the systems used on board on both a theoretical as well as a practical level.

Throughout the building process, GVB was very closely involved in the construction process. This to warrant a product completely in line with expectations. Also GVB's in-depth knowledge of the ferries intended operations helped in reaching strategic decisions in the design. 

After successfully completing trials, the "IJveer 60" and "IJveer 61" were handed over to GVB in October 2016 and March 2017 and put into operation on their respective trajectories in Amsterdam.


Main dimensions:

Length: 33.60 m
Width: 9.00 m
Depth: 2.73 m
Draft: 1.66 m
Draft incl. thrusters: 2.42 m
Carrying capacity: 410 passengers
Number of (motor)bikes: 160 + 310 passengers
Speed: 19 km / h




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